It’s about NLP, not voice

It’s about NLP, not voice 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Last week, I was featured in a SoundHound article and was asked about my predictions for voice in 2020.

The more you think about voice, if you look at things from a higher level, and ask ‘what’s driving this?’ You’ll realise that the main technology behind it all is natural language processing.

Yes, Automatic Speech Recognition is great, as is far field microphone technologies but NLP is the key.

For some companies in some industries, like retailers and service-based orgs, you might not actually need a ‘voice strategy’. You might need an ‘assistant strategy’ or a ‘conversational strategy’.

Something that includes voice, but uses the same conversational patterns across other conversational channels such as SMS, Messenger, What’s App and chat bots online.

Sounds counter intuitive for someone who is all in on voice to say, but my 2020 prediction is that voice and chat take a serious seat at the table in an organisation’s marketing, service and content distribution channels.

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