VUX design 2.0

VUX design 2.0 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Voice assistants should change how they interact with users based on how you interact with them and the context you’re in.

For example:

🎧 If I’m walking with my headphones on, and I ask Siri “What was the Boro score at the weekend?” Then I just want the score. Nothing more. Did they win or lose?

🔊 If I’m at home and I ask the same question to my smart speaker then I have a little more time. You can give me some stats, tell me who scored etc.

📺 If I’m in the living room and I ask the same question to Alexa on my TV, then I might want to see some highlights, watch some punditry etc.

This is VUX design 2.0.

So does anyone have any examples of this happening across the main voice assistants or have you included interactions like this in your experiences?

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