Conversations2 – Justin Randall

Conversations2 – Justin Randall 1200 1200 Rebecca Christie

It’s common for teams to have both programmers and conversation designers. You need both to get a solid result. They’re both aiming to create the same thing (a robust conversation…

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Conversations2 – Millani Jayasingkam

Conversations2 – Millani Jayasingkam 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Designers love to talk design. Often people focus on their favourite tools, processes, hacks and gripes. It all matters. The technical aspects are just as important as well. We’re designing…

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How Salesforce are using LLMs with Greg Bennett

How Salesforce are using LLMs with Greg Bennett 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Greg Bennett’s the final Conversations2 interviewee focused on large language models! When I heard that Salesforce have adopted LLMs at scale (and also heard that they had started to design…

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Talking LLMs with Voiceflow’s first Senior Conversation Design Advocate – Peter Isaacs!

Talking LLMs with Voiceflow’s first Senior Conversation Design Advocate – Peter Isaacs! 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Peter has written and shared a lot about Large Language Models in recent posts and blogs. We wanted to get his perspective on various things, especially now that Voiceflow have…

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Conversations2 – ChatGPT Interview

Conversations2 – ChatGPT Interview 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

What happens when you interview ChatGPT? Things get strange quickly. There’s few things as hyped as ChatGPT. Much of it is deserved – this new technology delivers on so much…

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Conversations Squared #9 Andrew Muir

Conversations Squared #9 Andrew Muir 1120 840 Rebecca Christie

We’re used to hearing Text To Speech in conversational AI, but that’s not the only option available. Voice assistants don’t have to use synthetic speech – they can use recordings…

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Conversations Squared #8 Michelle Parayil

Conversations Squared #8 Michelle Parayil 1915 1657 Ben McCulloch

Let’s talk about proactive messaging! Michelle Parayil, Conversation Design Manager at Haptik, knows all about it. She’s learnt a great deal about proactive messaging with conversational AI, and shares her…

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