Conversations Squared #8 Michelle Parayil

Conversations Squared #8 Michelle Parayil 1915 1657 Ben McCulloch

Let’s talk about proactive messaging!

Michelle Parayil, Conversation Design Manager at Haptik, knows all about it. She’s learnt a great deal about proactive messaging with conversational AI, and shares her learnings and experiences with VUX World.

When’s the best time to do proactive messaging? How do we avoid a notification pile-up when sending chat messages proactively? Can a bot that’s too proactive create a bad user experience? It’s all in there, and more…

A wee note about this episode: Michelle called while she was in the middle of a thunderstorm! That’s dedication for you. There’s a few booms and bangs in the background, but she’s still loud and clear. Hope you enjoy it.


In this episode

00:00 Start
02:08 What’s the most useful thing you use at work?
03:22 How do you select the right use case?
04:24 Should we aim for bots to mimic humans?
06:32 What is proactive messaging?
08:14 What are the challenges and benefits of proactive messaging?
11:30 Is there a danger of a notification pile-up?
13:30 Can proactive messaging be done 24/7?
15:26 Can an overly proactive bot create a terrible experience?
17:38 How does data influence the time when we message the user?
20:21 Are there different ways to interpret the user’s explicit ‘no’ to proactive messaging?
23:05 How can a bot fallback if they proactively messaged at the wrong time?
24:31 When would you recommend to not use proactive messaging?
26:28 Does proactive messaging create a strong impression of the bot’s persona?
27:21 In which channels do Haptik use proactive messaging?
30:59 What do you think is the future of proactive messaging?
33:13 Outro

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