Conversational automation at Swisscom with Yvonne Zgraggen

Conversational automation at Swisscom with Yvonne Zgraggen 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Yvonne Zgraggen joins us on our VUX World podcast as she speaks through conversational automation at Swisscom.

Yvonne Zgraggen is a Product Owner in the Data, Analytics and AI division at Swisscom, a major telco provider in Switzerland. With a background in computer linguistics, UX and conversation design, Yvonne has a wealth of experience that anyone working on conversational AI systems can learn from.

Today, Yvonne joins us to share how Swisscom is approaching conversational process automation and top lessons learned from being a Product Owner for conversational applications.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction and presenting Unparsed event use VUXWORLD and save 50% or visit the Unparsed website and proceed to the checkout https://unparsedconf.com/
05:05 Welcome Yvonne
07:22 Computer linguistics
08:40 Starting at Swisscom
10:42 Early AI use cases
13:39 Product Ownership
17:20 Balancing requirements
20:11 Stakeholder feature management
22:30 Data & privacy
24:50 From conversation designer to product owner
32:23 Educating stakeholders
34:34 The new ‘hype cycle’: Chat GPT
38:58 Automating business processes
44:28 Conversational UI’s
47:28 Advice to conversational AI practitioners
48:40 Outro

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