How Salesforce are using LLMs with Greg Bennett

How Salesforce are using LLMs with Greg Bennett 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Greg Bennett’s the final Conversations2 interviewee focused on large language models!

When I heard that Salesforce have adopted LLMs at scale (and also heard that they had started to design and build this prior to ChatGPT’s release) I wanted to know more!

I’ve known Greg for years and have always found him to be warm, knowledgeable and an expert at making complex subjects understandable. He didn’t disappoint here – we spoke about thinking in systems and how that relates to conversational AI, how LLMs affect conversation design (and how conversation designers are key to the best usage of LLMs), how his team of designers work with the wider team, and Salesforce’s recent push into Generative Conversational AI.

So listen up to Greg’s thoughts on the best ways to use LLMs in conversational AI! Salesforce have gone all-in on generative conversational AI and Greg’s team have made that possible.


In this episode

00:00 Start
00:29 Greg’s introduction
03:55 What’s your favourite bot?
05:11 What’s the most useful thing you use at work?
06:21 Which conversation designer should we all know about?
08:15 Conversations are systematic, and design should be too
10:17 What does ‘generative conversational AI’ mean to you?
11:38 How have you been incoporating generative conversational AI into your work at Salesforce?
16:05 We need expertise when writing prompts for LLMs
17:45 How does your team collaborate with the wider Salesforce team?
20:50 What benefits did you envision and how close are you now?
24:23 How has this affected the day to day work of conversation designers?
27:46 Now we need to be able to educate people about how to do conversational AI well
29:52 We’re thinking conceptually about language
32:43 Is this a new phase of conversation design?
36:32 How do you minimise the risks?
39:49 Do you continue to iterate together with engineering?
41:37 The model has a risk of learning from bad behaviour
42:46 How do you stay up to date with generative AI?
44:05 Researching attempts to break LLMs on social media gives great REAL data
45:49 When will you next speak live?
46:46 Outro

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