Mikhail Burstev, Founder of Deep Pavlov, talks AI orchestration and LLMs

Mikhail Burstev, Founder of Deep Pavlov, talks AI orchestration and LLMs 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Mikhail Burstev joins us as he shares AI orchestration and LLMS with us on the VUX World Podcast

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Mikhail Burstev is a seasoned AI practitioner and scientist. Founder of one of the most popular chatbot frameworks, Deep Pavlov, Mikhail has been knee deep into the AI space for many years. He joins me to share his thoughts on AI orchestration and Large Language Models.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
03:20 Welcome Mikhail
08:30 The primary goal of Deep Pavlov
12:05 Switching between agents
14:50 Main considerations
20:00 Requests going to the correct agents
23:11 Features that each agents fulfils
27:57 Recognising conversations
31:46 What things go wrong
35:40 LLMs performance
38:23 Missing some obvious information
42:13 Where LLMs and LNP models perform best
45:23 Handing back to orchestrators
52:57 Using personal assistants
57:30 Outro

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