UX Design with LLMs, with Braden Ream, CEO, Voiceflow

UX Design with LLMs, with Braden Ream, CEO, Voiceflow 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Braden Ream, CEO, Voiceflow joins us as he shares about UX Design with LLMs.

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Braden Ream is back on VUX World for the third time after some pretty big changes at Voiceflow. Raising another round of funding and repositioning the platform in light of significant adoption in the wake of the large language model attention, has Voiceflow making moves to become the leading conversational AI platform.

I chat to Braden about the new direction of the company, the recent additions to the product and how designers and developers are using Voiceflow to design and build LLM-powered applications.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
03:25 Welcome Braden
08:55 Positivity around challenges
11:23 LLMs journey
15:35 Voiceflow now being a production ready enterprise platform
21:45 Improvements needed to be enterprise ready
28:28 Platform growth
33:38 New users
39:22 Difference between platform and framework
45:08 How LLMs are impaching conversation designers
52:05 Moving from FAQ’s to utility based use cases
59:00 Quality assurance
1:03:00 LLMs being effective
1:08:17 Experimenting with LLMs
1:12:11 Where the community is heading
1:16:27 Outro

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