The Rundown 003: Increased engagement, Alexa room bookings, skill-to-skill connections, Google Assistant payments and more

The Rundown 003: Increased engagement, Alexa room bookings, skill-to-skill connections, Google Assistant payments and more 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Translating the recent happenings in voice news into insights and recommendations for designers, developers and brands.

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As ever, lots has been occurring recently. In this episode of the rundown, we discuss:

The state of voice assistants by Adobe and how we’re seeing increased usage in the ‘third category’. That is, people are using more in-depth functionality on their voice assistants. That opens doors for richer voice experiences and suggests that customers can handle more complex, transactional interactions.

The picture of voice shopping – thanks to Charlie Cadbury for sharing – and how voice is being used, not just for making transactions, but throughout the purchase journey and after sales as well. This looks at voice commerce in a more broader setting and shows that there’s opportunities for brands in and around the shopping experience, not just at the transactional end.

Alexa for business room booking and whether the productivity gain will be worth climbing into bed with Amazon.

Skill to skill connections and the potential for joining together voice experiences. Whether that’ll take-off and whether there’ll be opportunities for paid referrals within skills.

AVS for Set-Top-Boxes which will allow set-top-box manufacturers to add Alexa to their devices. Another nod to a multi-modal future.

Google Home hub launches without a camera and is yet another sign and the screen and voice will play a joint role in the home.

Google rolls out payments for Assistant that lets brands and developers offer digital goods for sale on a one time or subscription basis. Monetisation is creeping upon us and with that comes opportunities for those who can find the right voice experience that’s worth paying for.

Google Sign-in for Assistant which lets customers sign in to third party actions via their Google account. This is the voice equivalent of the ‘sign in with Google’ or ‘sign in with Facebook’ that we see on websites and is a great friction-stripping step for voice.

Facebook announce Portal and whether it’ll ever catch on.

If you have a news story you’d like us to cover in the next episode of the Rundown, or if you have a question you’d like Kane and Dustin to answer, hit us up on Twitter, Instagram or get in touch.

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