Voice at Sony Music with Dennis Kooker and Achim Matthes

Voice at Sony Music with Dennis Kooker and Achim Matthes 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Peak behind the curtain at Sony Music’s voice strategy and hear how it’s thinking about the future of music consumption.


Music has been the top use case on smart speakers pretty much from the beginning. Having any song you like at your beckoning call makes playing music around the house easier than ever. And households that play music out loud are, apparently, happier households.

It doesn’t require too much thought, either. So, discoverability isn’t as much of a challenge as with skills, actions and services. If you want to play some Michael Jackson, just ask.

Having said that, music consumption habits are advancing. According to Pandora, more people are listening to up-beat, exercise music during lockdown, presumably to exercise to given the gyms are shut. And more people are listening to more ambient music, too, as well as child friendly playlists. People spending time at home and using their music service to relax and entertain the kids respectively.

And there’s a growing trend moving away from listening to artists and towards listening to playlists. Random compilations of different tunes grouped around a theme. And with smart speakers, we’re seeing an insight into people’s contexts with the music they ask to play. For example ‘play BBQ music’ might not be something you’d try and find on Spotify, but you might ask for it from your smart speaker.

In the age of playlists, mood music and music on demand, how does a record label make sure that its catalogue of music is found and played on smart speakers? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this episode.

In this episode: voice strategy at Sony Music

We’re joined by Dennis Kooker, President, Global Digital Business and US Sales, and Achim Matthes, Vice President, Partner Development, at Sony Music Entertainment. Dennis and Achim walk us through how Sony Music is thinking about voice, some of the behavioural trends they’re seeing play out, how they make sure that, when you ask for a Sony Artist song, you get what you’ve asked for, what’s involved in music discoverability, what trends they’re seeing and where they see music and voice heading in future.

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