Voice design at Comcast, with Chuong Nguyen and Carolyn Reed

Voice design at Comcast, with Chuong Nguyen and Carolyn Reed 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Learn how to create a research-backed voice AI practice from one of the world’s premier voice AI teams at Comcast.


Voice design at Comcast

Voice assistants and voice user interfaces are becoming ubiquitous across all device types. Voice is quickly becoming the modality of choice for finding information and getting things done. But with every new device type, comes a different type of customer experience, based on different mental models, different expectations, different context and different goals.

One of the most promising device types for voice user interfaces is the TV. With a wealth of content options from a range of providers, there’s always something on. The problem is finding it.

We’ve all tried searching manually with a remote control. That’s not something one enters into lightly. It’s clunky, takes forever and the search capabilities are extremely basic, typically. Then, how do users even know that they can use their voice in the first place? And how do they discover what it can do and the features it has?

These are just some of problems that the Voice AI team at Comcast is solving, and the way that they’re solving it has lessons for all voice and conversational AI practitioners and leaders looking to set up a conversational AI Centre of Excellence.

Learn how to approach designing a voice experience for different modalities, what you should consider, how to define use cases, how to approach user research and problem identification, how to prototype and test methodologies, as well as how to measure success.

Join Chuong Nguyen, Product Designer, and Carolyn Reed, Lead Voice Researcher, Comcast, on VUX World to find out.


Chuong Nguyen on LinkedIn

Carolyn Reed on LinkedIn

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