Actionable insights from speech data with Nico Perony

Actionable insights from speech data with Nico Perony 1800 1200 Kane Simms

CTO and co-founder, OTO.ai, Nico Perony, shares how emotion and sentiment detection can be used to improve CX.


Speech data insights: emotion and sentiment

When it comes to making customer interactions with conversational AI more human-like, there’s often one thing missing. Emotion.

We chat to Nico Perony about how OTO.ai is being used to understand emotion and sentiment of users in order for businesses to create more compelling customer experiences.

Married with conversational AI, bots can be more sensitive to the caller based on their emotional state and even do things like escalate calls to an agent based on an angry customer response.

It’s also being used to support agents in call centres to appraise tone and improve how agents speak with customers, as well as in gaming applications to detect abuse and toxicity and escalate occurrences to moderators.

There is huge potential for this technology, not only in automating customer experience in a more human-like way, but also to gather insights from customer and staff voice relations and use it to improve the quality of service offered.

We also continued this discussion on Clubhouse afterwards. Follow @kanesimms on Clubhouse for more open ended after show discussions.


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