Alexa is part of the family now with Rozzi Meredith

Alexa is part of the family now with Rozzi Meredith 1800 1200 Kane Simms

We’re joined by Rozzi Meredith, Head of Innovation Strategy at Voxly Digital, to discuss their new report: ‘Part of the family, now: investigating voice usage amongst UK families’.


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UK voice assistant usage

If you build voice applications for Alexa and Google Assistant, this episode will give you insights that you can use to create more meaningful, impactful and delightful experiences, based on knowledge of how real people are actually using voice assistants right now in the UK.

Find out how UK households are using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and what effect COVID19 has had on usage. Learn about people’s attitudes towards voice technology in the home, behavioural patterns and reasons for using voice, expectations and perceptions of digital assistants as as well confidence levels in interacting with technology using speech.

For brands looking to launch a voice strategy, this episode will show you what kind of use cases are attracting users, how you should market and launch your Alexa skills and plenty of other nuggets to help you optimise you strategy.


Email freshthinking@voxlydigital.com

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Alexa is part of the family now

Tim to shine, Alexa. Getting the UK through isolation

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