How to use sonic branding in voice with Eric Seay

This week, we’re digging deep into how to craft compelling audio experiences in your voice app by using sonic branding and sound design, with Audio UX Co-Founder and CMO, Eric Seay.

Talk to me with James Vlahos

This week, Dustin and I are joined by journalist and author, James Vlahos, to discuss the details of his book Talk to Me: How voice computing will transform the way we…

Anything world with Gordon Midwood

This week, we’re getting deep into using voice to enhance the gaming experience, with Anything World founder, Gordon Midwood. 

Voice first brand strategy with James Poulter

This week, we’re chatting to the ex-Lego frontier-seeking, Vixen Labs-venturing, Voice2 fire-starting, voice-first-feasting James Poulter about how brands can, could and should approach voice. As the ex-Head of Emerging Platforms…

Designing story-telling robots with Amy Stapleton

This week, Dustin and I are joined by Tellables co-founder, Amy Stapleton, to discuss storytelling through Alexa and the design challenges that come with that. By the end of this…