A year in enterprise AI: 2023 review with Frank Schneider, Verint

A year in enterprise AI: 2023 review with Frank Schneider, Verint 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Frank Schneider, Verint joins us on our VUX world podcast as we have a recap of the year 2023!

What a wild year it’s been in AI. Every second minute, there’s a news story. If it’s not Open AI burning down, then reassembling, it’s more funding, more breakthroughs, more products and more capabilities. Businesses across the world have finally woken up to the disruptive potential of AI, but what are they doing about it?

I’m joined by Frank Schneider, AI Evangelist, Verint, to run through some of the highlights of the year, appraise the AI Naughty and Nice List and discuss the past, present and future potential of AI in the enterprise as we swing towards 2024.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
01:08 Welcome Frank
06:13 The assessment of the last 12 months
14:32 Importance of all the capabilities in one place
24:58 The current foundation models
30:55 The ‘safety’ conversation
38:25 Naughty & Nice list
48:14 The impact of AI in the job market
51:59 Global government exploring AI- naughty or nice list?
54:00 GPT’s – Naughty or nice?
1:00:18 Outro

Visit – https://www.verint.com/

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