What’s going on at OpenAI? Plus, some LLM developments, with Matt Taylor

What’s going on at OpenAI? Plus, some LLM developments, with Matt Taylor 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Matt Taylor, CPO, Knowbl joins us as he delves into what’s going on at OpenAI!

First, CEO Sam Altman was fired from Open AI. Then, VP Greg Brockman fled. They both then joined Microsoft and now, news is coming out about 710 staff petitioning the board, threatening to resign and join Microsoft if the board don’t leave!

I’m joined by Matt Taylor, CPO, Knowbl to dive into what’s going on. Also, Matt will share some new research and techniques to help enterprises make the most of large language models.


In this episode

00:00 Introduction
04:15 Welcome Matt Taylor
06:40 Open AI
13:23 Microsoft rumours
16:15 Chances of failure
19:20 Reconsiderations on product stand point
24:10 Changes within models
28:20 Internal use cases
36:47 Different in contextual awareness
39:50 Initial clustering
43:10 Process of content
45:55 Building conversations based on agent transcripts
53:45 What to take away from this conversation
56:00 Outro

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