Enterprise conversational automation with Derek Roberti

Enterprise conversational automation with Derek Roberti 1800 1200 Kane Simms

VP Technology at Cognigy, Derek Roberti, joins us to share the ins and outs of enterprise conversational automation.


Enterprise conversational automation

The potential for conversational AI to help streamline business processes and improve customer experience is being proved out on a daily basis as more contact centres adopt and implement conversational AI solutions. On this episode of VUX World, we dive into some of the tooling needed to automate self service in the contact centre by getting under the hood of Cognigy.

Derek Roberti is the VP Technology, North America, at Cognigy, based in California. He joins us to share his insights and observations on using conversational AI automation in the enterprise for automating service delivery.

We chat to Derek about:

  • Cognigy and its history
  • Democratising AI
  • The need for market education
  • The balance between technical capability and ease of use in conversational AI tools
  • Marrying conversational AI with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Whether conversational AI tools will converge
  • How and if we’ll see conversational automation within voice assistants


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