Finding the unfindable with Lucy AI’s Dan Mallin

Finding the unfindable with Lucy AI’s Dan Mallin 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Find out how brands like Pepsi is democratising its internal knowledge search with Dan Mallin, CEO, Lucy AI.



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About Lucy AI

You know when you just know that you have a slide somewhere with the exact information you need on it, but you can’t remember which deck it’s in? When did you create it? Where did you store it? I myself have spent countless hours over the years searching for specific bits of information in slide decks, reports, word documents and more. Time wasted. Time that Lucy AI promises to give you back.

Lucy AI in an enterprise conversational search tool that can take natural language queries and search the unsearchable; through slide decks, PDFs, word documents, reports, files, folders and systems to return you the answer you’re looking for. And it doesn’t just return the document you’re looking for, it extracts the specific piece of information from the document and serves that. No more hunting for information.

It also can search through licensed data, such as your WSJ subscription, as well as structured data from places like Power BI, Tablau and other systems, as well as through audio and video files.

We chat to Lucy CEO, Dan Mallin, about how enterprises like PepsiCo are using conversational search to democratise enterprise information and make people more productive.


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