An Introduction to Designing with Microsoft’s Conversational AI Platform

Join the Microsoft Conversational AI Team and walk through an introduction to designing bots and assistants with Microsoft’s conversational AI platform: Composer.

Gary Pretty, Senior Program Manager on the Conversational AI team at MicrosoftGary Pretty, Senior Program Manager in Conversational AI at Microsoft

Gary focuses on delivering innovative SDKs and tools including Bot Framework Composer and Azure Bot Service. Formerly a Microsoft AI MVP, Gary also co-founded the Bot Builder Community project on GitHub.


Gary on LinkedIn

Quirine van Walt Meijer, Senior Designer in Conversational AI, MicrosoftQuirine van Walt Meijer, Senior Designer in Conversational AI at Microsoft

Quirine designs AI products at Microsoft that facilitate multi modal communication 📢. As a designer in Conversational AI, she enables creators (developers, designers, content writers) to deliver powerful conversational experiences. In her previous consulting role, she designed branded virtual agents across relevant channels and modalities (voice, chat, hybrid) for Fortune 500 companies.

Quirine on LinkedIn

What you’ll learn

  1. What tooling Microsoft offers for conversational AI designers and developers.
  2. Designing a bot: How to optimise your bot for voice and chat
  3. See Composer in action and learn how it works
  4. Find out about design patterns and templates and preview the QnA maker
  5. Get an overview of LUIS NLU and Natural Language Generation solutions
  6. Understand how to connect your bot to Azure Communication Service, call centres and Amazon Alexa
  7. Have your questions answered by the Microsoft Team. 

When: 17th June 2021

Time: 18:00 (BST), 19:00 (CET), 13:00 (EST), 10:00 (PT)

Location: Zoom

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