SMS conversation design with Hillary and Matthew Black

SMS conversation design with Hillary and Matthew Black 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Hillary and Matthew Black join us to share how to design and implement automated conversational AI with SMS messaging, and why you should.


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Designing conversations for SMS messaging

SMS messages have over 98% open rates within the first 5 minutes of sending. And, unlike Alexa or Google Assistant, where a user has to respond within 7 seconds or the chat closes, with SMS messaging, the conversation can remain open indefinitely.

We often talk about the value of conversational interfaces, but often, we’re up against the task of encouraging users to try out our new channel. Whether that’s an Alexa skill, a Google Assistant action or a Facebook Messenger bot. Each time, we’re asking the user to perform a behaviour in an environment where they might not naturally expect to right now.

What happens, then, when you add an automated conversational experience into a channel where users already understand, and have been using since the dawn of mobile phones; SMS messaging?

What kind of results might you expect? What’s the value of automated conversational SMS-based conversations? Should you consider creating one? How should you approach it? What’s different or similar to designing a voice experience? Is there anything technically to consider?

In this episode of VUX World, live on LinkedIn, we’re joined by SMS platform, Mav, creators, Hillary and Matthew Black to explain all.


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