The most noble startup ever?

The most noble startup ever? 1800 1200 Kane Simms

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Happy Monday. For those of you in the UK on bank holiday. And for those of you that aren’t in the UK, happy Monday anyway.

I want to tell you about a company today, a very special company called Voiceitt. It probably one of the most nobel companies that have come across in recent times. Voices is working on solving a very important problem. There’s all this talk about voice systems being more accessible than a screen interface. However, there are millions of people all over the world with non standard speech or speech impairments. This is people who’ve had, could be a stroke, could be suffering with cerebral palsy or any other condition, that means that you don’t have what you would call standard speech.

If you have speech impairments, Voiceitt is working on an advanced speech to text system solution that enables people who have non standard speech or speech impairments – it gives them their voice back. It’s part of the Amazon Alexa accelerator program which is ongoing right now. It’s based out of Tel Aviv in Israel. And Here’s a little example of Voiceitt in action:

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There you go. Absolutely fantastic.

Today on the VUX World podcast, we’re speaking to Sara Smalley who is one of the co founders of Voiceitt and VP of strategy over there. It’s based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, as I said, it’s part of the Amazon Alexa accelerator program. I couldn’t quite get out of Sara whether or not that means that Voiceitt could become part of Alexa in future, seems like it would be a sensible idea.

Check it out. We get really into detail about Voiceitt. We discuss the accelerator program, we talk about some of the challenges that Voiceitt are facing and how the idea come around and getting into some detail on the whole accessibility situation in the voice space.

Listen to the VUX World and Voiceitt podcast.

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