All about Voiceitt with Sara Smolley

All about Voiceitt with Sara Smolley 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Alexa Accelerator 2018 featured startup, Voiceitt, gives people with speech impairments their voice back. Today, we’re joined by co-founder and VP Strategy, Sara Smolley, to hear all about it.

The There are millions of people across the globe who have non-standard speech. People who’ve had a stroke or who have multiple sclerosis or cerebral pausey, for example. Voiceitt’s advanced speech recognition system, which is deployed through an app, allows those people to speak and be understood.

Once it’s configured, all you do is speak through the app and Voiceitt will do the rest, handling speech to text and displaying the text on-screen whilst a synthetic voice speaks the words to you.

For all that’s said about voice being accessible, Voiceitt’s mission is to open up voice technology to the rest of the world.

Our Guest

After working in Hong Kong and South Korea in marketing and startup consulting, Sara moved to Tel Aviv to help build and establish Voiceitt. Sara travels across the globe working on the strategic side of the business, building relationships, gathering insights and bringing the powerful mission and technology that Voiceitt posses to the world.

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