Using website search data to find a use case for voice

Using website search data to find a use case for voice 1388 763 Kane Simms

One of the common problems people have when getting started in voice is finding a use case. What should your voice app do? It needs to be useful. It needs to serve a purpose, how can you find a place to start?

We had a great episode with Ben Sauer on finding a use case for voice and here’s another tip that you can use to hone in on a place to start.

If you’re running website analytics on your website, then make sure you’re tracking site searches. That’s searches that people are making in your website’s search bar. 

You can review what people are searching for in order to find common questions that people are having trouble finding the answer to or common transactions that people are having difficulty with. 

Then you can use that information as a starting point for your voice app. 

It’s quick, it’s free and it’s genuine user insight based on real customer struggles. 

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