Voice commerce: the state of play with James Poulter

Voice commerce: the state of play with James Poulter 1800 1200 Kane Simms

The latest customer behavioural trends on voice commerce from the Vixen Labs Voice Commerce Report.



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Voice commerce: the state of play

We’ve been speaking about the potential of voice first devices to change shopping behaviour and drive sales and engagement for a while. I wrote about it in the Harvard Business Review over a year ago. Yet, we’re not seeing a huge amount of use cases executed. So are people actually using their voice assistants to shop? And, if so, what can brands do about it?

Vixen Labs commissioned a unique, UK-centric consumer research report to understand the current state of play when it comes to voice shopping. What assistants are people using? What are the using them for? How are their shopping habits changing and what role is voice playing? And, crucially, what does it mean for brands and those with something to sell? Co-founder and CEO, James Poulter, returns to the podcast to share all.


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