Incorporating VUI into your UX repertoire with Stuart Silverstein

Incorporating VUI into your UX repertoire with Stuart Silverstein 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Director, Service Design, AIG, Stuart Silverstein talks bringing voice into your UX skill set.



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Adding VUI design to your UX repertoire

One of the hot topics on every UX designer’s lips is conversation design. How do you do it? Is it something I can do? And what skill sets do I currently have that put me in a good position?

Stuart Silverstein, season UX and service designer, also has deep experience in designing conversational user interfaces, from messenger applications to voice bots and IVR assistants.

Stuart joins us to walk through his learning journey with voice AI and discusses how UX designers can incorporate conversation design and VUX into their existing skillsets.

We also chat about the differences and similarities between traditional UX design and VUX design, as well as the value of voice, and the potential for voice AI to revolutionise the contact centre.



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