Voice AI in the contact centre: 2021 trends, with Dan Miller, Opus Research

Voice AI in the contact centre: 2021 trends, with Dan Miller, Opus Research 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Founder and Lead Analyst at Opus Research and speech tech veteran, Dan Miller, chats contact centre voice AI and what to expect in 2021.


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Voice AI in the contact centre

Voice AI is disrupting all kinds of industries and providing opportunities for almost every and any business unit. None, perhaps, has the potential to prosper more than the contact centre.

With the potential to automate front end conversations and assist live agents, conversational AI could be the underlying capability that enables organisations to both increase self-service and improve customer experience, while creating operational efficiencies and empowering staff.

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder of Opus Research, has more than his fair share of experience both with contact centre technology and speech technology on the whole. For over 30 years, Dan’s been working with and covering voice AI and conversational technologies with a focus on organisational transformation.

Dan joins us to share his insights on the most important recent developments in voice AI technology and how it’s enabling business transformation, as well as some of the emerging trends we’re likely to see unfold in 2021.



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