How voice AI is disrupting industries with Mike Zagorsek

How voice AI is disrupting industries with Mike Zagorsek 1800 1200 Kane Simms

SoundHound Inc is enabling brands like Mercedes and Mastercard to cause disruption with voice AI. Find out how with VP Product Marketing, Mike Zagorsek.



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Voice AI enabled-disruption with SoundHound’s Houndify

Voice AI is disrupting industries and providing new opportunities to innovate for those companies paying attention.

Voice AI, like most technology innovations is an enabler. It enables businesses to explore new markets, unlock new value and, in some cases, reinvent themselves.

But technological capability isn’t enough to grease the wheels of innovation. You need to find a place within the market that adds value, and have the tools and skills to take advantage.

One of the most exciting companies that offers those tools and skills to unlock voice AI innovation is SoundHound.

SoundHound Inc, the Hound voice assistant and it’s independent voice assistant platform, Houndify, is helping organisations reimagine their services and create differentiation and value for brands and, in some cases, where you’d least expect it.

In this episode of VUX World Live, we’re joined by SoundHound VP, Product Marketing, Mike Zagorsek, to find out how SoundHound are enabling brands to disrupt using voice AI.

From automotive, to finance, to hospitality and beyond, the future is being played out today.

We also dive deep into the capabilities of the Houndify platform and get right under the hood to figure our the details of what SoundHound does and how it differs/improves on what you might expect from the likes of Amazon and Google.

Join us to be inspired about the potential for voice AI-enabled disruption and get some pointers on how you can approach the same initiatives with the same success.



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