Creating independent voice assistants with Kavita Reddi and Sirish Reddi

Creating independent voice assistants with Kavita Reddi and Sirish Reddi 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Discussing the Voxta platform, voice in India and the value of independent voice assistants.



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Independent voice assistants

As much as Amazon and Google dominate the voice AI headlines, one size doesn’t always fit all. There’s a trend within the voice industry of brands creating their own voice assistants. The BBC have created Beeb, Mercedes have My Mercedes, Capital One; Eno and plenty of others are following.

And even those who aren’t creating their own high-level digital assistant to serve as the AI front-end to the companies products and services, many are wanting narrow implementations of voice AI across apps, IVR, the web and other channels where Alexa and Google .

While you can use Amazon Lex and Google DialogFlow for these instances, some companies don’t want their data to be held with those companies. Some want more control or even need more control over the language model.

This is where Voxta plays: enabling the capability for brands to implement their own assistants. Co-Founders Kavita Reddi and Sirish Reddi join us to share how they do it.

We chat about the approach to creating custom voice assistants, the value of Voxta, the differences between voice AI in India and Europe and plenty more.



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