Creating human-like voice bots for IVR with Einav Itamar

Creating human-like voice bots for IVR with Einav Itamar 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Einav Itamar is the founder and CEO of Voca.ai, a technology company specialising in IVR automation using conversational AI. He joins Dustin and Kane to chat about how to create human-like conversations for IVR bots, the impact of coronavirus on call centre demand and how organisations are approaching automating incoming call centre calls with AI.

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Designing human-like voice bots for IVR

One thing is for sure: Covid-19 hit call centres hard.

Some saw the frailty of legacy systems and infrastructure that require you to be fixed at a desk. They had to close completely, unable to work remotely.

Some could enable operatives to work from home, but they were snowed under with a barrage of calls. For some, it was well in excess of double call volumes.

A few realised what was happening and acted. They implemented (or increased their usage of) conversational AI.

Find out how they did, and how you can create human-like, automated conversations that allow you to increase self-service and scale your demand management with Einav Eitamar, CEO, Voca.ai.


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