Your audio strategy’s Holy Trinity with Ron Jaworski

Your audio strategy’s Holy Trinity with Ron Jaworski 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Ron Jaworski, CEO Trinity Audio, joins us to share how to satisfy the user, the publisher and the advertiser with your audio strategy.


The Holy Trinity of your audio strategy

Trinity Audio’s philosophy is to satisfy users, publishers and advertisers in an attempt to provide value to all three with audio.

Trinity Audio’s technology turns any webpage into audio using text to speech and allows publishers to then distribute that on their websites, as well as through any other audio channel, such as Spotify, podcast players, Flash Briefings, via an RSS feed. With ads built-in, publishers can repurpose existing content, distribute it in a variety of channels to reach more users, whilst generating incremental revenue at the same time.

Your content strategy should have a Holy Trinity also: written, video and audio. Most publishers have the first two covered, but have been slow to start their audio revolution.

In this episode, Ron Jaworski, CEO of Trinity Audio joins us to share how you can boost your audio strategy and get started in the right way. We discuss the current capability of Trinity, the future of real time audio production with AI for folly and SFX, and the value of bringing audio to your users.

A shocking amount of people on the planet can’t read of write, but they can listen. Many live in countries where the native tongue is a second language and tradition written comms doesn’t land half as well as audio can.

Through utilising an effective audio strategy, not only are you making your content available in more mediums to reach more users, you’re also making your content available to those who would otherwise be excluded.

Learn how to make your content available to those that need it, how to distribute your existing content into more channels and how to earn incremental revenue while you do it in this episode of VUX World Live.


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