Amazon Alexa’s Paul Cutsinger tells us what’s new

Amazon Alexa’s Paul Cutsinger tells us what’s new 1800 1200 Kane Simms

At Alexa Live 2020, Amazon dropped 31 new features on us, the most features dropped at one time ever. Alexa’s Head of Developer Strategy, Paul Cutsinger, joins us to break them down.


Alexa’s new features

After covering the top new Alexa features for marketers and the top features for developers, we were getting a lot of questions from the community about the new Alexa features announced during Alexa Live 2020. So, what better way to dive deep into them than by sitting down with someone who had a hand in creating a great deal of them.

Paul Cutsinger is known within the voice community for being one of the first Alexa developer evangelists and teaching people all over the world how to build skills. Now, he’s moved into more of a product role where he brings the next most needed features to the platform.

In this live podcast episode, we chatted to Paul about his role and dove deep into the ins and outs of some of the best and newest Alexa features for designers, developers and marketers, as well as fielded questions from the audience on skill building best practice.


Amazon Alexa Skills Kit

Alexa Skills Challenge: Alexa Conversations

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