Automating call centres with AI and Frank Schneider

Automating call centres with AI and Frank Schneider 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Frank Schneider, CEO of Speakeasy AI joins us to share how you can automate your call centres using conversational AI.

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Automating call centres with AI

Most contact centres have been overwhelmed during the covid period, struggling to meet the demand placed on them. Some call centres have even had to close due to unprecedented call volumes.

At the same time, customers are ever more demanding. Expectations are through the roof. No one wants to wait on hold, and everyone wants to speak to a human. When they eventually get through to speak to someone, their query isn’t always answered first time. Sometimes they’re passed to and from between departments which makes for a less than desirable experience.

At the same time, call handlers and agents don’t always have what they need to serve customers properly. They’re sometimes dealing with multiple systems and have to start each call with information gathering, rather than problem solving.

Need help with call centre automation? Book a free 20 minute consultation.

Conversational AI can be used to solve all of these problems. From gathering information while the customer waits, and passing that information to call handlers so that they can spend more time serving and less time gathering details, to end-to-end self service from within the call, negating the need to speak to an agent in the first place.

Speakeasy AI have patent-pending technology built to make the lives of customers and contact centres easy. And in this episode of VUX World Live, The Fresh Prince of AI and CEO Speakeasy AI, Frank Schneider, makes a return to the show to share insights on how voice technology is being used within IVR systems to help solve some real business problems, and how you can do the same.




All about Speakeasy AI with the Fresh Prince of AI, Frank Schneider

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