All about Speakeasy AI with the Fresh Prince of AI, Frank Schneider

All about Speakeasy AI with the Fresh Prince of AI, Frank Schneider 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, me and Dustin are speaking with the Fresh Prince of AI, Frank Schneider, about how Speakeasy AI aims to deliver the promise of AI in voice (that’s a lot of AI’s).

How many people truly understand what their customers are asking for? Whether it’s in your Alexa Skill, your chatbot or in your IVR, you can’t hope to serve the needs of your users or customers if you don’t understand what they’re trying to do or ask.

Understanding is the most important first step you can take

Once you truly understand the current situation, you can realise whether you’re meeting your existing customer needs, and how well you’re doing that.

Through gathering understanding, you can also work out where you’re failing and where the opportunities for improvement or expansion are.

That then helps you improve and plan for the future.

Speakeasy AI is helping businesses understand what their customers are trying to accomplish on a wide variety of conversational platforms by extracting the intent from any conversation.

Its patent-pending technology, called Speech-to-Intent, doesn’t use the typical speech-to-text engine that most voice-first platforms use. Instead, it analyses the actual audio in real time through funnelling it through a pipeline of different ‘top secret’ micro services.

This means that low audio quality and accents have no effect on its ability to understand customer intent. Plus, it also allows for further understanding of context.

In this episode

Dustin Coates and I hear from Frank Schneider, CEO, Speakeasy AI, about the current state of play in the AI field and touch on the amount of bullshit that exists right now.

We discuss how conversational understanding works and why speech-to-text might not be the most optimum way to capture intent.

We delve into the ins and outs of Speakeasy AI and get the low-down on its patent-pending Speech-to-Intent technology and hear how it could be a better way of understanding customer intents, regardless of audio quality or accents.

Frank tells us all about how Speakeasy AI can help businesses improve any conversational platform. He shares the opportunities that exist in the IVR space and how much untapped potential there is for businesses who’re willing to listen.

We’ve discussed VUI design for IVR with Simonie Wilson recently, and it would seem that you could use Speakeasy AI as part of a discovery piece of work to figure out where to start, then use Simonie’s techniques to begin making improvements.

We also chat about the challenges of the AI industry and how working together could bring progress.

Our guest

Frank was born and raised in Philly and, after spending 9 years in education, including teaching at a school for high school kids who committed felonies, he transitioned into technology sales and marketing, where he’s spent the last 13 years.

He’s consulted and led teams providing solutions in various SaaS and AI solutions for contact centers and B2B. He was the first sales executive at Creative Virtual USA and helped grow the team from 12 to 40 employees. After a successful exit, his former CEO is now funding his new venture, Speakeasy AI.

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