This week, we’re finding out how brands can get started and enter the voice first world of smart speakers and digital assistants.

Me and Dustin Coates are joined by one of the top US voice first agencies, Witlingo. We speak with two Lead VUX designers, Luciana Morias and Brielle Nickoloff, about how your brand can bridge the gap over to voice.

In this episode

Brielle and Luciana share how they guide brands through the process of discovering their voice and establishing a voice first presence.

We discuss the new challenge of working out what your brand sounds like and how to determine whether to focus on voice first content or voice as a service.

They discuss how brands should be playing the long game and the challenge of convincing clients to start small and adopt a continuous improvement culture to grow their voice first capability.

We chat about figuring out whether your should repurpose existing content or create new and discuss some of the great guides to voice design that Witlingo produce, including the guide to making your Facebook content voice friendly.

Our guests

Luciana Morais has a background in UX research and analysis and has a wealth of design experience. Now working at Witlingo as UX Lead and VUI Designer.

Brielle Nickoloff has a background in linguistics and has published a study on The use of profane threats and insults in the Anthropomorphization of digital voice assistants. Brielle is also Lead Voice User Experience Research and Design at Witlingo.

Where to listen


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Read Brielle’s paper: The use of profane threats and insults in the Anthropomorphization of digital voice assistants
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2 thoughts

  • James Roberts

    “Me and Dustin Coates are joined…” I am easily distracted by bad grammar so, while there’s probably some decent material here, I dismiss credibility. It’s a weakness that I have…

    • Kane Simms

      Thanks for taking the time to comment James. Really appreciate it. I sometimes write how I speak and things are bound to slip the net. I certainly wouldn’t let grammar, and speling (get it?) dictate your views on the quality of the content. It’s a podcast, so it’s audio based and the guests on this week’s show are super-knowledgable experts from one of the world’s most notable voice first agencies. Feel free to dismiss the credibility of the written piece that supports it, but the credibility of the people who feature this week, and every week, is dismissed fickly.

      I hope you give it a listen as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from Luciana, Brielle, Dustin and I.

      That any better? 😉

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