All about Alpha Voice with Bryan Colligan

All about Alpha Voice with Bryan Colligan 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, we’re finding out how content creators can have their podcasts and YouTube content indexed and searchable on voice, with Bryan Colligan of Alpha Voice.

With the podcast industry thriving and more people listening to podcasts than ever, more brands are starting to launch their own podcasts. Podcasts are a perfect fit for devices like the Echo and Google Home because they provide ambient entertainment, similar to the widely popular relaxation sounds skills.

Two problems face podcast and content creators: how do you make your podcast discoverable in the first place and how do you allow people to search through your backlog of episodes in order to find something that interests them?

Podcast discoverability is almost as much of a problem as Alexa Skill discoverability. Although Google is beginning to do its bit to help podcasts be discovered online, what about on voice?

This is the problem Alpha Voice aims to solve.

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What is Alpha Voice?

Alpha Voice indexes your podcast or YouTube content and makes it all searchable on Alexa via your own Alexa Skill.

And it’s not just the podcast titles and guests you can search for. You can search for anything at all that interests you and the platform will search within your content to find your search term, then recommend that episode for you to listen to.

In this episode

We’re talking to Alpha Voice co-founder, Bryan Colligan, about how the platform works, how he and his co-founder built it and what value it gives content creators.

We also get into detail about how the VUX of search works on voice: processing and serving potentially hundreds of search results. How do you determine which ones to display to the user?

We also discuss:

  • The 5 ways to monetise content
  • Skill certification inconsistencies, including censorship and ‘unwritten rules’
  • How you can get up and running with Alpha Voice

We wrap up by telling you all about the VUX World Alexa Skill, built using Alpha Voice! (U.S. only right now but will be available in EU soon.)

Our guest

Bryan Colligan is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Alpha Voice. Bryan is based in Silicon Valley, has founded a series of startups and has been helping startups create mobile apps and improve their SEO for the last 10 years.

After reading the Mary Meeker internet trends report and learning that Google can understand 96% of what humans say, Bryan has turned his attention to the voice-first world.

After a number of failed experiments, he stumbled across the idea for Alpha Voice and is now helping content creators have their content found on Alexa.

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