All about voice analytics and Dashbot with Arte Merritt

All about voice analytics and Dashbot with Arte Merritt 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, we’re getting deep into voice analytics and will help you learn more about how you can understand the performance of your voice first experience.

One of the biggest benefits that technology has given us is the ability to understand. To understand whether our latest PPC campaign had an impact on sales. To understand whether our new website increased our leads. To understand whether our pricing tweak made a difference on click through rates. To understand whether our foray into Facebook is sending more traffic. To understand whether our customers are satisfied.

Tools such as Google Analytics have been providing this kind of value to website owners for years. Tracking where your users come from (Google, Facebook etc), what they do when they arrive and whether they convert are the cornerstones of understanding website performance.

What about voice analytics?

With the introduction of new mediums such as conversational chatbots and voice first applications on platforms such as Alexa and GoogleAssistant, how do you understand the performance of these things?

How do you know if your Alexa Skill or Google Action is successful? Send us your answers and you could feature on the VUX World Flash Briefing this week!

Can you apply the same rules as the web? Can you even access the same data? Is there some new metrics that matter more? And how can you use all of this to understand and improve the performance and use of your product?

Well, that’s what you’re about to find out.

In this episode

We’re speaking to Dashbot.io CEO Arte Merritt all about the conversational analytics platform and how you can understand whether your conversational experience is working for your users.

We discuss the kind of metrics Dashbot provide including:

  • No. users
  • Repeat users
  • Time per session
  • Retention
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Message funnels
  • Intent funnels
  • Top exit messages
  • AI performance
  • Goals
  • Behaviour flow
  • Conversation flow

Arte tells us some case studies of how the tool has been used to understand and then improve conversational experiences.

We discuss some of the challenges with conversational analytics and how they relate to the voice first space and we hear about where voice analytics are heading in the future.

Our guest

Arte Merritt has worked in mobile and analytics for 20 years. He built an analytics platform which he sold it to Nokia before turning his attention to fill a gap in the market when he realised that Slack didn’t have any analytics. Dashbot was born and its been serving conversational designers ever since, helping them understand and improve their chatbots and voice applications. Since its creation, Dashbot has analysed 32 billion messages and counting!

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