How we approach voice with Fortune 100 companies and the Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill with Greg Hedges

How we approach voice with Fortune 100 companies and the Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill with Greg Hedges 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Greg Hedges, VP Emerging Experiences at RAIN agency, shares the secrets of how RAIN approach voice with Fortune 100 companies and talks us through how they built the Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill for DreamWorks.

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Welcome to RAIN week

This week is RAIN week. We’ve got two huge episodes featuring the industry-leading and ground-breaking RAIN Agency.

RAIN are a dedicated voice agency and have worked with 23 of the Fortune 100 companies on voice projects. From Nike to Unilever, Campbells to Tide creating experiences from utility, to leisure to kids and even product launches.

In this episode

In this first episode with RAIN, we’re joined by VP Emerging Experiences, Greg Hedges, to discuss how RAIN approach voice with the Fortune 100 and we get into detail on how they built the Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill for DreamWorks and Amazon.

We share some detail on what’s changed in voice since RAIN pivoted in 2015 to focus exclusively on voice. We discuss how brands have moved from more tactical thinking to more strategic and how voice is something that is beginning to impact businesses, rather than be a nice marketing tick box. We also discuss how voice has changed ownership within brands, moving away from the research and innovation teams and moving into the hands of marketing.

Greg shares how RAIN has changed and adapted over the years, how the tools they use have improved, how they built using the VOXA framework and he shares some of the secret sauce RAIN use to track and analyse their voice experiences using Google Analytics.

We also dive deep into the Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill and discuss some of the technical detail in how it came to be, how RAIN approached the project and what Greg learned from a technical, design and strategic perspective.



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Things we discussed

Kung Fu Panda Alexa skill

The VOXA framework

Lucid charts

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