Voysis acquired by Apple

Voysis acquired by Apple 555 313 Kane Simms

Apple acquired voice-specialist conversational AI company, Voysis, recently and how we discovered it was, well timed and kinda funny.


Almost didn’t get around to doing this today, very close to not so the Sony episode weill be out of this week.

I’ve got a few more edits to do and it will be out.

So apologies if any of you have been looking for it, you’ll find it probably on Wednesday.

I gave a talk today, virtual talk, virtuoso from the from the isolation inspiration ideation amplification station. And as part of it, I was trying to find a couple of good examples of voice technology providers doing interesting stuff. one of the providers who we’ve have had on the podcast last year was Voysis.

So I’m searching the internet trying to find the Voysis logo and I stumbled across the website and it says the website is not in use.

I thought why is it not in use? It’s a company AI company doing pretty well unusual for them to shut down.

So I went to Twitter, searched on Twitter try to find the Voysis handle on Twitter, accounts closed.

Im like what’s going on?

I was about to get on the blower to Mr. Bret ‘the Voicebot’ Kinsella, but ended up going to bed.

It was like 12 o’clock at night. the next day I wake up, turns out they’d been acquired by Apple literally this week. unbelievable.

I was I was on trying to find the website trying to find some screen grabs and some case studies to help me explain to this organization.

I’m doing a talk for a what Voysis was all about, and they’ve been acquired by Apple. Anyway. Congratulations to the whole Voysis team.

It’s another acquisition from Apple another startup. Another acquisition seemingly apple is doing something.

I wonder whether we’ll see what that something is?

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