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Why Alexa skill discoverability is hard | VUX World 555 310 Kane Simms
Why are Alexa skills and voice apps so hard to get discovered? Kane reveals his thoughts on the Voiceflow AMA (Ask Me Anything).


The difficulties about having people adopt stuff right now is that if you’re building for Alexa or Google Assistant, you need to draw people into that ecosystem for the purposes that you’re creating stuff for.

And that’s where a lot of the challenges are. That’s why there’s always talk about discoverability it’s because the Alexa ecosystem is here the Google Assistant ecosystem is over there, but everyone is already over here on social media, they’re already phoning your contact center, they’re already on your website.

So people are behaving over here and what we’re trying to do is bring people over here and people are gradually using these services and, you know, Alexa and Google Assistant, for things; routine things, like timers and music and that kind of stuff, and we need to advance people’s understanding of what these platforms can do.

I think that’s why it’s difficult to get things discovered is because not only are you kind of like fighting to be that one app, that’s at the tip of the iceberg, you’re also fighting to bring people over into that ecosystem to discover that it can do more than music.

And so if you think about it, applying these same technologies in other areas like in your app, like in the Spotify example, there’s a company called Alan AI which have a platform that enables you to do that essentially you just plug your app in little bit of configuration, but you end up with a voice interface over the top of your app, you know, companies; Voysis has just been acquired but they had a really good example of web-based conversational AI, Algolia have got a voice search option so they can streamline user journeys on web sites by using their voice search.

And so if you put the technology in places where people already are, there is no struggle or barrier to adoption because the technology is there, it’s baked in and if you phone the John Lewis customer contact line because you’ve got a complaint to make about something you just got delivered and it’s an automated agent on that phone line, you’re into it, you’re in the experience, you’ll use it because that’s where you are.

Taken from a live AMA with Voiceflow. Watch the whole thing on Facebook.

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