Welcome to VUX World

Welcome to VUX World 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to VUX World.

This introductory episode is all about what VUX World is all about. Here, I’ll take you through:

  • the aims of the show
  • how we intend to meet those aims
  • why it exists
  • who would find it useful
  • what’s in store over the coming months

The aims of VUX World

This is an ambitious show that intends to cover three core aims for three primary groups of people:

  1. To help VUX pros create better voice experiences through bringing together people from throughout the industry to share insights, tools, tips and tricks
  2. To help brands create voice first strategies and implement voice first solutions through learning from companies and agencies who’re doing it right now
  3. To help grow the VUX industry by introducing people such as creatives, scientists, technologists, strategists, linguistics, developers and anyone else to the voice first world

How we’ll meet our aims

We’ll reach those aims through focusing on three core pillars of content.

  • Why? We’ll cover the ‘why’ aspect of the argument for voice. Why should you take this area seriously? Why develop your skills here? Why voice?
  • How? We’ll extensively cover the ‘how’ side of things, too. How can you get started? How does the voice industry work? How can you develop here? We’ll cover things like tutorials, guides, tips, hints and tactics to help you learn, develop and grow to create epic voice experiences.
  • What’s stopping you? Every industry has its challenges. We want to delve into those challenges and uncover opportunities to push past the barriers and find opportunities to move forward.

The host of VUX World

VUX World Kane Simms headshot

Your host for this journey is me, Kane Simms. I have a history in sound design and music production as well as extensive experience in marketing, UX and agile project management. My love for all things audio and passion for understanding user behaviour and technology culminate perfectly right here in the world of voice.

So, strap in, hold tight and brace yourself for the rapidly expanding world of voice. I’m glad to be your guide.

Now, without further ado, you should totally check out the first proper episode of the podcast: User testing on voice-first devices with Sam Howard.

Enjoy 🙂

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