When will voice AI disrupt your industry?

When will voice AI disrupt your industry? 912 684 Kane Simms

With new technology comes new potential for disruption.

Think about the internet in general. People have been congregating in marketplaces in physical locations for years; since the beginning of human civilization, probably.

And, within 30 years, the internet has almost put an end to what we know as the High Street.

Governments up and down the country are struggling for things and ideas about what to do with this now vacant zone in the town.

And then, on top of that, you had mobile, and mobile internet disrupted the travel industry with Uber, disrupted the hospitality industry with Airbnb and even the internet in general has disrupted entertainment with Netflix and banking with Monzo and Starling Bank.

And so the next wave of innovation, conversational AI; the ability to be able to have conversations with customers at immense scale, what kind of disruption will that bring?

Some of that disruption is already happening.

Mastercard is on the verge of releasing a platform where you can order restaurant takeaways.

Mercedes is in a position to intermediate brand relationships with Mercedes drivers through the My Mercedes assistant.

And one of the companies that is enabling that kind of disruption, and that kind of transformation, is SoundHound: Independent Voice Assistant provider and platform.

And this week, on the podcast, we’re going to be speaking to Mike Zagorsek, VP of Product Marketing for SoundHound about the potential for voice AI to disrupt industries.

How will voice AI disrupt your industry? Join us this Thursday to get some inspiration and to find out.

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