You might not have a choice about voice

You might not have a choice about voice 916 687 Kane Simms

It’s ironic, but you might not have a choice about voice.

One of the things that brands are concerned with is Amazon Alexa or Google or whoever The Voice Assistant – they’re concerned about these assistants intermediating the brand relationship.

Communication with your brand going through Amazon or going through Google. That’s one of the concerns that brands have.

But you’re not going to have a choice because you don’t know whether people are already asking questions like this:

“Alexa, tell me about Nike”

Alexa: “Here’s the Wikipedia article on Nike Incorporated. Nike Incorporated is an American multinational corporation that is based in…”


Now, as Nike, would you be happy with a Wikipedia article being served when someone asks about your company? Bare in mind, it’s talking about where the company’s based. It’s the world’s largest supplier of X Y Z.

What you’re missing out on there is a conversation with your customer.

You’re missing out on the ability to say “Oh and by the way, the new Air Max is out next month. Do you want us to tell you a bit more about that?”

And the thing is, you don’t control what people ask their assistant, but you do have a choice about whether you can be there when they do.

Nike is just one example, there are millions of brands all over the world who are not there when you ask for them, and they could be and should be, and turn a Wikipedia article into an actual conversation with a potential customer.

What’s stopping you is the question?

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