Bringing human-like performance to AI custom voices with Zohaib Ahmed

Bringing human-like performance to AI custom voices with Zohaib Ahmed 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Founder of Resemble.ai, Zohaib Ahmed joins us to share how you can bring human-like performance to TTS brand voices.


Building your brand voice

Resemble.ai is a cutting edge synthetic voice (text-to-speech) provider that allows anyone or any brand to create their own, customer TTS solution to use across any and all channels. From IVR, Alexa and Google Assistant to narrating videos and marketing materials and even voicing game characters. With just 50 lines of speech, you could have your own dedicated brand voice that brings a consistent and elevated customer experience to your conversational applications. With quicker-than-real-time processing, the low latency capabilities makes having a conversation with a Resemble.ai-voiced assistant as natural as can be.

In this episode of VUX World, we’re joined by founder and CEO, Zohaib Ahmed, to discuss the work Resemble is doing to help brands create stand-out conversational experiences. We discuss what Resemble is and how it works, the value of having your own custom voice, the use cases and applications it’s being used for, the process for creating, the editing and publishing tools for customising intonation and emotion, as well as the ethical considerations around voice cloning, fraud and deep fakes.


00:00 Intro
02:55 About Zohaib Ahmed and Resemble.ai
04:47 What are people using Resemble.ai for today?
07:37 How much dialogue is needed to create a TTS voice?
08:27 Voice Talent Pool: what’s that?
11:50 Bondad: How far off are we from high quality rendering at run time with low latency?
14:00 What’s the process for creating a custom brand voice?
17:00 Are call centres cloning staff voices?
19:00 An alternative approach from a branded assistant
21:10 Ethics of voice cloning
24:20 Resemblyzer and tackling speaker verification
27:40 Matthew James-Dewstowe: Can you tweak the voice once its created?
31:40 Jay Ruparel: How do you handle dynamic speech and keep the voice integrity?
37:40 Sean Thornton: Predicting emotion
41:00 Heidi Cohen: Regionalisation and localisation
44:45 Real time translation of speech
48:20 Jay Ruparel: Thoughts on filler words like ‘um’, ‘ah’ etc
51:37 Proving the value and ROI
01:00:40 Where can people find out more about Resemble.ai


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