How Instacart is using conversational AI with Ayesha Saleem, Conversation Design Manager, Instacart

How Instacart is using conversational AI with Ayesha Saleem, Conversation Design Manager, Instacart 1200 1200 Rebecca Christie

Ayesha Saleem joins us to discuss how Instacart has brought in the use 0f conversational AI, as well as some conversation design best practice.

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How conversational AI is used for Instacart

Instacart is the world’s largest online grocery service. Ayesha Saleem is the Conversation Design Manager and joins us to share how Instacart is using conversational AI, the team and resources involved, the results they’ve achieved and best practice tips for designing and implementing conversational AI solutions.

00:00 Intro and welcome Deepgram
3:14 Introduction to Ayesha Saleem
6:25 Creating voice assistance and voice bots in the mortgage industry
11:10 Can chat bots check credit scores?
14:20 The current channels that Instacart is using for conversational AI
17:35 Who does the shopping and the delivering
20:05 Business models
23:20 Where the conversational AI came from for Instacart
27:06 What kind of demand Instacart customer support gets
30:20 How quick conversational AI has come into use
36:40 Agent escalations
38:47 How the current capabilities have changed since Ayesha started
41:45 Does Instacart bots have a personality?
51:19 Properly designing the conversations well
54:30 Advice on scaling conversational AI teams
1:02:20 Biggest mistakes beginners make in conversational AI
1:03:40 Outro


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