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Matchbox.io with Sarah Andrew Wilson 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Sarah Andrew Wilson, Chief Content Officer at Matchbox.io, shares the secret sauce for creating the kind of Alexa skills you can build a business on.

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In this episode:

This week, we speak to Sarah about the Matchbox.io stable of skills and discuss:

  • What it’s like maintaining 18 Alexa skills
  • The Opearlo acquisition
  • Unique advice for people and companies just getting started
  • The 3-step Matchbox.io philosophy that runs through each of its Alexa skills
  • Ecosystems and community and how the two drive engagement
  • ISPs and how Matchbox.io is monetising Alexa skills
  • How changing 1 word led to a 17% increase in conversions
  • How Matchbox.io gets its skills discovered
  • The potential for advertising on assistant platforms


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