Multi-channel conversational strategies with Nico Acosta

Multi-channel conversational strategies with Nico Acosta 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, Dustin and Kane chat with Nico Acosta, Director of Product and Engineering at Twilio, about how companies are approaching multi-channel conversational strategies.

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In this episode

We chat to Nico Acosta about how he’s observing companies approach their conversational strategy using Twilio’s Autopilot platform. This builds on the episode with Elaine Lee where we spoke about Autopilot from a design perspective. This time, we’re zooming out and looking at how Autopilot can fuel your whole conversational strategy across all channels.

Nico has a fresh perspective on technology architecture, building on conversations we’ve had with Matt Hartman and Charlie Cadbury and providing detail on how to actually build once and deploy across all conversational channels, including voice assistants, chat bots and phone lines.

We discuss some of the parallels and similarities between IVR design and development compared to voice assistant creation, and how the IVR, voice assistant and chatbot industries are converging.

Nico also shares some insights into the kind of use cases that are working well, including a chat bot that automatically generates a website for a small business based on a short conversation. Nico also shares his dream application of Twilio Autopilot, which is all about obliterating being put ‘on hold’ when calling a company.


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