Voice and the TV with TiVo’s Charles Dawes and Patrick Byrden

Voice and the TV with TiVo’s Charles Dawes and Patrick Byrden 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Dustin and Kane speak with Charles Dawes and Patrick Byrden of TiVo about how they’re helping users discover content through the power of voice, and the future of TV.

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In this episode

When sitting down to watch TV, 60-80% of the time, people know what they want to watch. The problem is finding that thing. Knowing where to look, what channel to check, which on demand platform to search.

Finding content on TV is hard.

And what about the 20-40% of people who have no clue what to watch? How do they find something relevant? We’ve all been down that rabbit hole of skipping through film after film, trailer after trailer on Sky or Netflix, only to get tired and give up in the end.

These are the problems TiVo are seeking to solve with its voice technology solution.

For those of you in the US, TiVo will be a household name. A verb. And, for those in Europe and beyond, chances are, you’ve heard of TiVo. What you might not know, is that TiVo power the voice capability for Samsung TVs, Sky Q, Virgin and more. So even if you haven’t interacted with the customer facing set top boxes, you may well have used its voice solution.

In this episode, we speak to Charles Dawes, Sr Director, International Marketing, and Patrick Bryden, Sr Director, Customer Solutions about how TiVo are fixing the broken content discovery model through the use of voice.

We discuss the TV landscape and the problems they seek to solve, usage of the solution and how they measure success, the technology used and architecture, personalisation and recommendations, maintenance and constant improvements, and whether the remote control is a thing of the past.


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