Advancing ‘applied conversational AI’ with Wluper CTO, Nikolai Rozanov

Advancing ‘applied conversational AI’ with Wluper CTO, Nikolai Rozanov 1800 1200 Kane Simms

Learn how Wluper is making strides towards intentless NLU and advanced dialogue management and memory.


Next generation conversational AI

Anyone who has worked with semi-complex conversational AI from a design or development perspective has hit the limitations of the technology. ‘If this then that’ statements that determine logic, handling ‘no match’ intents and providing training data and synonyms for intents and slots. All of this gets incredibly complex and difficult to manage when you get into anything beyond a simple use case.

One company that’s pushing the boundaries of conversational AI is Wluper. Today we’re joined by co-founder and CTO, Nikolai Rozanov to discuss Wluper’s approach to an intentless NLU, advanced memory and dialogue management. This is the next generation of conversational AI.


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