Core components of a conversational AI system with Jaya Kishore, CTO, Yellow AI

Core components of a conversational AI system with Jaya Kishore, CTO, Yellow AI 1600 1200 Rebecca Christie

Hear from Jaya Kishore the co-founder and CTO of Yellow AI as he talks about the core components of conversational AI.

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Components of a conversational AI system 

As more enterprises look to implement AI solutions, finding out where to start can be a challenge. What capabilities do you need? How can you tell whether one provider’s capabilities is better than another? How do you know it’ll do the job you need it to?

We’re joined by Yellow AI’s CTO, Jaya Kishore, to run through the core components that make up a conversational AI platform and to dive deep into the best practice for making sure that you deliver the best customer experience possible.

00:00 Intro and welcome Deepgram
02:25 Introduction to Jaya Kishore
05:50 Jaya’s thoughts on AI in the metoverse
08:35 Gartner Magic Quadrant learnings
11:30 Call centres and conversational AI joining together
18:30 Multimodal conversation design
25:21 Is NLU capabilities in danger of becoming commoditised
30:00 Components of a conversational AI system
41:49 How do people define success?
47:56 How you initiate follow up engagement
54:20 Channel expansion and intent conflicts
1:01:22 Speech recognition and text to speech
1:05:15 Outro


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