How to use sonic branding in voice with Eric Seay

How to use sonic branding in voice with Eric Seay 1800 1200 Kane Simms

This week, we’re digging deep into how to craft compelling audio experiences in your voice app by using sonic branding and sound design, with Audio UX Co-Founder and CMO, Eric Seay.

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In this episode: sonic branding

We’re advancing the conversation we had with Joel Beckerman of Man Made Music on scoring voice experiences, and get into specifics of how to make your VUX sound better with a combination of sonic branding and sound design.

We discuss:

  • The resurgence of audio
  • Why is sonic branding and sound design are important
  • Where and how to use sonic branding
  • How sonic branding applies to voice
  • What’s missing in voice from a sound design perspective
  • The anatomy of an Alexa skill and where sound design can make an impact
  • The 4 As: Audio As An Afterthought, and the perils of putting audio last
  • Challenges in sound design and audio branding, including celebrity voiceovers

About Audio UX and Eric Seay

Audio UX are a sound design and sonic branding company helping brands create a holistic Audio Aesthetic by developing an Audio DNA that is extractable, expandable, and effortlessly deployable into virtually any brand moment.

Co-Founder and CMO, Eric Seay, has a background in audio production and composition, working on sound design and sonic branding initiatives for global brands.

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